Message from WCT President

A Message From our President:

Here at Westport Community Theatre we believe it takes a community to put on a production.

When most people think of a theater production the director, the actors, and the audience quickly come to mind.  In reality, it takes a small army of dedicated volunteers often working behind the scenes to create an evening of magic – our community.  Countless numbers of hours are spent not only by costumers researching period clothing; set, light and sound designers crafting the mood and environment; but also by ushers stuffing programs before the show; hospitality serving coffee; a dedicated crew who cleans the theater late into the evening one day prior to opening night.

One of the most valuable commodities today is time.  We are honored that not only our volunteers share their time with us but that also you, our audience members, do the same.  For in today’s world of competing forms of entertainment, live theater plays a special role.

Theater is an interactive art form that creates a conversation between the audience and the actors on stage, so as audience members we become a part of the production ourselves.  Theater not only entertains but also challenges and provokes us.  It often forces us to explore thoughts and ideas that differ from our own.  We leave the theater talking about what we just experienced — laughing over funny moments, questioning the playwright’s intention, disagreeing with the play’s conclusions — all of which fosters a sense of community.

We hope that you will continue to be a part of our community as we explore the realm of theater in the coming years.