Upon Further Inspection…

I am typically a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to the holidays. Seeing the Christmas displays up in the stores before Halloween has passed usually makes me weary of the holiday before Thanksgiving even gets here. So, how it is that I found myself volunteering for a Christmas themed show is anybodies guess, but so far it’s a decision that I’m enjoying thoroughly. Inspecting Carol, while set around a production of A Christmas Carol has more in common with Scrooged than with It’s a Wonderful Life, so even a cynic such as myself can have a lot of fun at a show like this.

Inspecting Carol

Tickets: $12 – $18

Friday Nov 27   –   8PM
Saturday Nov 28   –   8PM
Sunday Nov 29   –   2PM

Thursday Dec 03   –   8PM
Friday Dec 04   –   8PM
Saturday Dec 05   –   8PM
Sunday Dec 06   –   2PM

Friday Dec 11   –   8PM
Saturday Dec 12   –   8PM
Sunday Dec 13   –   2PM

The Cast of Inspectiing Carol

The Cast of Inspectiing Carol

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